SplitCloud is a music player Apps

Music and playlists, share your earphones, play two tunes on the double

SplitCloud is a music player that allows you to share your earphones and pay attention to two unique tunes immediately!

In the event that you at any point needed to impart earphones to a companion or accomplice, this application is for you!

Access every one of the tunes saved money on your gadget’s Music Library.

Every one of the Highlights ✨

🎵Numerous Playlist support – make your custom playlists

📂 Peruse all your music coordinated by envelopes

✈️ Search and pay attention to all melodies and collections put away on your telephone

📻 Pay attention to great many internet based radios overall for each classification

📈 Investigate Well known and Moving Outlines and find more music

🎧 Use SplitCloud as a normal music player when you don’t have to share

🎚 Freely movable volumes for every player

🔀 Mix and rehash your tunes

✔️ Review any tune by lengthy squeezing

✔️ Upset sound channels to alter the R/L channel yield while utilizing split mode.

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Appreciate two music players in one cell phone and play two melodies simultaneously!

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