Know the symptoms of new variant of corona virus bf7.


Know the symptoms of new variant of corona virus bf7.

Features of Corona Valiant BF Seven.

At present, in Gujarat, a new variant of the corona virus, Omi Cron BF seven, has been found in some districts, which is very deadly and the chances of spreading are very high, so here we have seen positive patients with symptoms of this variant in some districts of Gujarat, including large districts like Baroda and Ahmedabad. The necessary information about its features is given here, so let’s know what are the features of the new version of this corona variant, BF Seven..

Symptoms of Amigana BF Seven.

Currently, there is a continuous and continuous increase in the number of corona cases in the last one month in the big countries of the world including the United States, in which the number of deaths is also increasing continuously in the last one month, in which more than 11 lakh people have died within the last one month in China, while more than two crore people have tested positive. In addition to this, the possibility of a quarter of a million new positive cases within the next week is being seen through the news. Apart from China, this virus is spreading very fast in America and in Japan, the number of deaths and the number of positive patients are increasing continuously and continuously. What is being seen is what we are seeing and hearing on a daily basis through the news, so you all know how dangerous and how deadly this virus is now, because before this we had two waves of this virus and a third wave of this virus. Missed and millions of people were dying.

What is BF Seven?

Talking about Gujarat, two doses of covid vaccination have been completely given to most of the people in the previous corona layer and the third dose i.e. booster dose has also been given to many people, so there is no need to panic because hard immunity has been developed, but as a precaution we should stay away from crowded places. Staying away Do not shake hands with anyone Keep wearing Marg continuously Wash your hands and feet with soap before coming home Dispose of clothes in the bathroom and take a bath and change clothes after coming home It is very important to take precautions like corona virus positive patients with the new Valiant BF Seven Two positive cases have been reported in the last 24 hours in the major districts of Gujarat, Ahmedabad and Baroda and if this has spread it can prove to be very deadly like the previous three layers. Bring it from outsideIt should be washed and cleaned properly in hot water and then it should be used for eating at home.It should be kept away from crowded places. It is necessary to strictly enforce the rules here.

Here we are going to talk about the symptoms of BF Seven as you can see from the photo below which symptoms like fever, chills, cough, severe headache and extreme tiredness are seen in the previous variant. All these are besides the new variants of sore throat, swelling of the throat, inflammation of the throat, etc. seen in BF Seven, so in our family or any relative, symptoms such as fever, headache, chills, cough, sore throat, vomiting, rising and stiff If symptoms like tiredness etc. are seen then suspect Corona and we should get tested at the hospital. It is very important to go to the hospital immediately as a precautionary measure and get informed after the test so that we can prevent any other person in our house from getting this infection and isolate ourselves by home isolation. Get treatment and quickly or early treatment can help us get well and safelyIt is very important that any person showing these symptoms get tested immediately so that we can protect other members of our household from it..

As per the official guidelines of Govt., it is very imperative that all the people who have been given two doses, who are eligible as per this Act, should contact the government hospital and get and take Boosterdo..

Stay safe at home as a precautionary measure avoid going to crowded places and avoid hand bags, keep wearing a mask constantly and wash your hands with soap before coming home or clean your hands with sanitizer etc..

Here the necessary information about the new variant BF Seven of Corona is given and also the necessary information about the symptoms of Corona is given and the official guidelines issued by the government are placed here and so this information is very useful so please share it to more and more people so that Thanks everyone can avoid this new variant and stay safe by taking precautionary measures.

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