How to Keep Safe your Password 2021

How to Keep Safe your Password 2021

What is a password?

      The one that protects your data, device or any element is the password. Earlier passwords were numbers or alphabets but now with the advancement of technology finger, face and eye have also become passwords. So patterns, photos, pins, biometrics have also become part of the password. Passwords have different formats

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👉Keep these things in mind to generate a secure password📲

  • Use a minimum of 10 to 15 characters in the password
  • Use alphabets and numbers
  • Require an alphabet capital in the password
  • ! Use special characters like # $% ^ & *)
  • Keep changing passwords periodically
  • Also protect the password with OTP if possibl


👉Don’t make the mistake of generating a password📲

  • Don’t use simple words
  • Do not use less than 8 characters
  • Don’t use personal details like your name, birth date
  • Do not create a password for your username.
  • Don’t create a password after asking someone.

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