Gujarati kids Learning Apps 📱

 Gujarati  kids  Learning  Apps

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Application Features and Futures

  • Application name: Gujarati kids Learning App
  • App Developer: Urva Apps Education
  • 📢 App usage: 
         Gujarati Kids App is a way to learn Gujarati for children or first time learners.In this application, various sections like Gujarati Alphabet, English Alphabet, Gujarati Months, English Months, Days of Week in Gujarati, Gujarati Barkhadi, Gujarati Numbers, Gujarati of Shape and Color, Birds, Animals, Directions, Games for Kids are shown.
  • 👉App size: 18 MB
  • 👉Total downloads: 500K+

    📱Gujarati kids Learning App | A particularly useful application for children to study

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