BKNMU All Exams Schedule 2021


BKNMU All Exams Schedule 2021

     Subject: To inform the chairpersons of Bhaktakavi Narasimha Mehta University postgraduate buildings, professors in charge of postgraduate centers, principals of affiliated colleges and heads of recognized institutes about the planning of offline examination to be taken in July, 2011.  A survey has been conducted regarding the planning to be conducted through offline medium, in which maximum number of students have expressed their desire to appear for the examination through offline medium, as per the decision taken by the Executive Council meeting No. 3 from today.  

     In the first phase from 2021, postgraduate level semesters 2 and 3, LL.B semester 1, B.Ed.  Semester 2 and 3, undergraduate level semester 5 (supplementary) and external course undergraduate level semester 3 (supplementary) and postgraduate level semester 3 and 4 examinations have been organized.  In addition, in the second phase, undergraduate level semester 3, LL.B.  Semester 2, D.M.L.T.  As well as in the external curriculum, the examinations of semester 2, 3 and 4 of the bachelor level have been organized from 16/06/2021, which should be noted by the relatives.  Detailed timetable of all the above examinations will be published on the University website.

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