Bhaktakavi Narasimha Mehta University B.Ed. M.Ed. admission 2021-22

 Bhaktakavi Narasimha Mehta University  B.Ed. M.Ed. admission 2021-22

Bhaktakavi Narasimha Mehta University – Junagadh B.A.  / M.A.  Central Admissions Committee B.A.  / M.A.  Admission announcement year: 2021-2: Bhaktakavi Narasimha Mehta University affiliated self finance colleges running B.A.  / M.A.  To get admission in the two year course,

 apply for B.A. on the University website http: /  / M.A.  BA / MA admission information can be viewed on the admission portal and online admission form can be filled in the following details.  > B.A.  / M.A.  Online Admission Form for Admission from 0,09/30s to 8/09/30 Required Documents and Fees B.A.  For Rs.500 / – and M.A.  For this Rs.500 / – can be filled 

   through online payment gateway, submitted the form, the form can be printed, as well as after completion of the fixed fee date from 02/2018 to 10/06/201 B.A.  Admission Form Late Fee (Rs.500 / – + Rs.500 / – = 500 / -) and M.A.  Admission form can be filled through online payment gateway with late fee (Rs.500 / – + Rs.500 / – Rs.1000 / -), by submitting the form,

 the form can be printed and the student can register his / her candidature.  Considering the situation of Kovid 12, this year B.A.  / M.A.  Admission Form Free has not been extended in any way.  > Candidates seeking admission in the management quota will also have to submit the online admission form, required documents as well as the form along with the fee.  > Admission Eligibility As per NCTE rules, 

students other than sc, ST, SEBC and PH categories are required to have 50% at undergraduate or postgraduate level.  (Students with sc, ST, SEBC and PH categories will get five concessions.) Reserves will be eligible for Ews category as per the existing Act norms of the Government. 

 Forms of candidates who are not eligible for admission will be canceled as per rules. Candidates who do not have percentage as per eligibility should not apply.  > Students with Socially and Educationally Backward Classes (SEBC) category will have to attach a certificate (Non-Criminal) which is not included in the advanced class which is valid in the year 2021-2.  > B.A.  

Students who apply for admission at the undergraduate level.  1 to 2 passes and Sam.  Upcoming examinees of 3 as well as M.A.  Sam of B.A. for admission.  1 to 2 passes and Sam.  – Students appearing for the upcoming examination of 9 will be able to fill the form but at the time of admission for B.Ed.  1 to 2 pass and M.A.  Sam of B.A. for admission.  Only 1 to 2 passes will be eligible for admission.  > Place for any inquiries related to admission: B.A.  / M.A.  

Admission Committee Office, F-11, F.  Building, Bhaktakavi Narasimha Mehta University, Khadiya (Junagadh).  > No further admissions related admissions will appear in current papers.  All information / instructions are available on the University website http: /  / M.A.  Admission will be placed on the portal so that from time to time B.A./M.A.  The instructions placed while viewing the admission portal have to be followed.  Dr.  Jay Trivedi, Chairman, B.A.  / M.A.  Central Admission Committee – 2021-2 INF – JUNA – 285-21)

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દ્વારકાધિશ ની ધજા ની અવનવી માહિતી માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો.

દ્વારકાધિશ મંદિર નો વિડિઓ જોવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો 🙏

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