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Possible date of standard 10 result

Possible date of standard 10 result

   The result of Std. 10 will probably be seen on the board's website on 25th June.  The committee also includes Jatin Bharad, vice-president of Gujarat Swanirbhar School Board of Directors.  

     Jatin Bharade had a conversation with Divya Bhaskar giving a detailed and example of how the result of Std. 10 will happen.  He said that the first of Std.9 - the second and Std.  The result will come from an assessment of 80 marks from the first test of 10 and 20 marks from the school.  Std.  If there will be first class in two of 9 and one in Std.  Each


   The marksheet will be prepared on the basis of two Std. 9 and one Std. 10 examinations.  E.g.  If 50 percent result is obtained in three exams, 

   the result will be only 50 percent.  If there are different marks in all the three examinations, such as 40 marks in one, 30 marks in the second and 70 marks in the third, then the average will be deducted and marks will be given in the result.  Those who have got first class in Std. 9 can get first class in this.

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