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Gujarat International Finance Tax City Gift City

 Gujarat International Finance Tax City (Gift City) built near Gandhinagar is India's first smart city. Gift City is spread over 886 acres and includes both domestic and SEZ. Currently more than 9 thousand employees are working here. The infrastructure of Gift City is unique. The complex also has facilities like district cooling system, utility tunnel, automatic system for garbage collection. There are 7 towers operating in the city.

Gift City houses national and international banks, IT companies, insurance companies, international stock market and India's first International Finance Services Center (IFSC). Hotels, club houses, affordable houses and residential units are included here. The water treatment plant in Gift City is also unique. You can get drinking water from the tap at any complex in Gift City. Its entire structure is boundaryless. Meaning none of the towers are covered with compound walls. This system has been adopted for better utilization of land.

Gift City is spread over 886 acres near Gandhinagar
Gift City has unique infrastructure from cooling to garbage collection
There is no boundary wall anywhere in the complex

India's only operational Smart City and International Financial Services Center (IFSC), Gift City has been awarded the Green Cities Platinum Certificate from CII Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) for greener master planning and design and implementation of the first phase of Gift City development.

Gift City is India's first Greenfield Smart City to achieve IGBC Green Cities Platinum rating. Indian and global companies consider Gift City as an ideal destination with their environmental and sustainability goals in mind.

The Indian Green Building Council recognizes the various initiatives adopted in the project, including integrated land use in the city, compact city development, 35 percent public and open space, real housing, transit-oriented development with BRTSmetro rail connectivity, 100 percent road network with streetspace and 100 percent The Green Mandate is involved.

A utility tunnel in Gift City
Typically, high-rise buildings require trenches to be dug to deliver water, drainage and wiring lines, but a utility tunnel has been constructed in Gift City. All types of lines pass through this tunnel. An exhaust system is kept in the tunnel.

Garbage can be dumped from anywhere directly into the plant
A window on each floor of the building is connected to a tunnel in which organic and inorganic wastes are separated. All the waste goes to a waste management plant and the organic waste is composted.

Gift City Video: Click Here

Not a single building has separate AC
None of the towers from 9th have separate AC. District cooling plant alone provides AC everywhere. There is no outdoor unit outside. The plant provides uniform cooling to all towers and saves 30 percent in electricity bills.

Single utility tunnel for water, AC wires
A utility tunnel has been built underground in Gift City. All water, cooling, wiring lines pass through the tunnel. If there is a fault in any service, the road does not have to be dug up and the fault is caught.
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